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Kenzi Wang Scholarship

Welcome to the Kenzi Wang Scholarship, where we invest in upcoming web3 entrepreneurs and fund their ideas. Join us in innovating the web3 space and unlocking its true potential.

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$10,000 Grants to the Brightest Students That Commit to Building in Web3

The Kenzi Wang Scholarship provides financial support through $10,000 grants to outstanding students committed to developing new technologies and solutions in the Web3 space. 

This scholarship aims to empower the brightest minds to explore and innovate within the blockchain and decentralized networks, contributing to the advancement of digital and financial systems

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Unlocking Web3 Potential: Mentorship and Funding for Future Entrepreneurs

Kenzi Wang's entrepreneurial spirit is rooted in a passion for challenging the status quo and pioneering innovative solutions in the tech industry. 

Kenzi wants to support and invest in the next generation of entrepreneurs through the Kenzi Wang Scholarship. 

This scholarship aims to empower bright, forward-thinking students who are committed to building in Web3, ensuring they have the resources to bring innovative ideas to life and push boundaries.

Unlock Your Web3 Potential

Apply for the Kenzi Wang Scholarship and get funded to innovate the web3 space.

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